Dgt Dynamics

DGT Dynamics is the central, web-based application that allows you to manage your multimedia project as a whole. It is an exceptional product: its development is based on internal needs in combination with the wishes of many customers in various segments.
In other words: DGT Dynamics allows you not only to distribute content but also to overall manage your Digital Signage project from A to Z. dgt-dynamics

Features overview

Hardware management

  • Management of the administrative and technical data of the different locations (address, contact person, language, network, etc…)
  • Management of the technical data of the different players and screens (type, serial number, position, mounting, orientation, etc..)
  • Management of on and off times on location /screen level
  • Project specific tagging on location/player/screen level
  • User friendly targeted search engine to find a desired location or screen
  • Export function
  • Possibility to provide a link with the back-end system of the client for data synchronisation

Content management

  • Multi technology: management of different types of Digital Signage players (Windows, Linux/dZine, Cisco).
  • Player segmentation:
    • Based on smart groups or manual selections.
    • Taylor made communications to any desired player segment.
  • Collection management and content creation:
    • Import of images
    • Request new images or adjustments of existing ones.
    • Organize images in collections
    • Image tagging
    • Image copying
    • Image archive
    • Image publication
    • Extensive search capabilities
  • Content support with a wide variation of formats
  • Content validation procedure
  • Link with external data sources (RSS, webservices, etc.).
  • Possibility to develop custom made plug-ins to manage dynamic data (e.g. meeting room plug-in).


  • Central monitoring of the players/monitors, integrated in DGT Dynamics, accessible to everyone.
  • Monitoring on different levels:
    • Network connection
    • Content download
    • Content view
    • Screen performance
  • Proactive interventions to guarantee a maximum uptime.
  • Custom made reporting based on the needs of the client.


  • Integrated ticketing on different levels:
    • Hardware: installation, repair
    • Content: request, validation
    • Monitoring
  • Accessible for all users for a simple and transparent communication.


You can access DGT Dynamics from any location using a standard web browser. Therefore there is no local software required on your PC.

DGT Dynamics is completely scaleable for use, from stand-alone units to hundreds of players and locations. DGT Dynamics is offered within a S.a.a.S (Software as a Service) model. This means that it is offered as a service on an external server environment. You browse the web to DGT Dynamics where you can log in with a user name and password.