N-Allo and Digitopia supported CAP48

This year, N-Allo and Digitopia supported CAP48 by organizing the donation center for the fundraising TV Show this last Sunday the 21st October 2012. During this event, N-Allo and Digitopia offered their infrastructure and expertise on the operational site of Gosselies to held the donation center, handle the thousands calls, follow and animate the live chat and the social networks and provide a Tweet wall for the TV presenters to comment live on the social interactions around the event.

This edition of CAP48 has been a great success as the previous record was beaten with 4.320.183 € raised for the operation.

For N-Allo and Digitopia it meant welcoming more than 600 volunteers in Gosselies, training 480 people to call handling techniques, routing more than 12.000 calls during the TV Show and answering hundreds of questions on social networks.

We are very proud of our employees’ investment for such a good cause and we will be there next year to beat this new record.

CAP48 is a not for profit making organization operating within the Belgian national broadcaster (RTBF). This organization raises awareness about disability and promotes the attitude change in society through annual campaigns via media attention, organization of various events and citizens' gathering and fundraising to support projects working on the integration of persons with disabilities in society.