Doe de Klik/Fais le Clic

Digitopia and Electrabel are presenting a noteworthy first for 'Doe de Klik/Fais le Clic', the educational program about saving energy: the 'Doe de Klik/Fais le Clic' energy and innovation days.

During the ‘Doe de Klik/Fais le Clic’’ energy and innovation days, pupils from the fifth and sixth year of primary school get actively involved with themes related to saving energy at school and home.

Their interest is heightened even more by letting them work and play with interactive and digital technologies (multi-touch tables, tablets, touch screens, etc.).

Led by the central character Nick/Ben, children test their knowledge through activities and questions, both individually and in groups, concerning the three basic themes: heating, electricity and lighting.
They have to explore questions, such as: “Can you generate wind energy yourself?” and “Where does electricity come from?”, with sounds, noises, activities and games to make it extra exciting.

More than 500 schools have nominated themselves to participate. Fifty schools will be chosen.
Digitopia is responsible for the design, implementation and roll-out of the ‘Doe de Klik/Fais le Clic’ energy and innovation days, in close cooperation with Electrabel.

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